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Covid Vaccination Update


A massive thank you to all the Westhoughton patients, staff and volunteers. As a network we are delighted to have delivered over 12,000 vaccines.  

Please see below for the current information as of 08/04/2021. 


We are now contacting our original cohorts to confirm second dose vaccination dates. We have completed our first 2 second dose clinics.  

These dates have been slightly amended due to vaccine delivery schedules. 

We now have 2nd vaccine delivery dates (for the first 3 Jan and early Feb dates see below) and will be in touch (either via message or phone- possibly a private number call). You must confirm your second dose appointment to secure your vaccine. These are being released in batches. Please be patient. 

Please remember for full protection you need 2 doses of vaccine. 

Please note the Pfizer vaccine CANNOT be given as a home visit so as per your first dose (unless there is a significant clinical change) then you will need to attend Peter House. 


Original                                          Confirmed 

vaccination                                  2nd 

date                                                dose 

14/1/21                                         1/4/21 

19/1/21                                         7/4/21 

23/1/21                                        10/4/21 

27/1/21 & 3/2/21                21/4/21 

If you have a mobile and don’t have access to the internet on your phone- then you can TEXT your INITIALS and DOB to our hotline number and we will get back to you (may be a private number). 


We expect to start releasing appointments for those patients whose original vaccinations were on 27/1 and 3/2 this weekend- please await your text message/ call and book your firm appointment and time.  

Please be assured we have a list of everyone on the original clinics and are doing our upmost to ensure you are booked in for your second! 

We are aware regarding the publicity surrounding some potential concerns surrounding the AZ vaccine- below is a really useful link. AZ clinics are continuing to go ahead as we know this vaccine saves lives! Please- if you had your first dose and were fine then you can have your second dose- even if you are under 30. Please just don’t turn up- contact us if you aren’t sure.  



Nationally there are two ways in which patients are being contacted for their first vaccine.  If you are 50 years old or older, and well, you will have received a letter or text from NHS England inviting you to be vaccinated at a site alternative to Peter House (a ‘mass vaccination site’). You can also arrange your own vaccine at a mass vaccination site via the link below providing you have received your letter. 


The second way you can get vaccinated is via your GP surgery- these invites are being run in parallel to the mass vaccination sites. 

If you are aged 50 and over and prefer to be vaccinated at Peter House then we have invited you via text message if we have a mobile number for you. Otherwise we have contacted you on the phone. 

If you are over 50 or 16-64 with certain underlying health conditions or main carer for an elderly or disabled person (cohorts 1-9) and have not had or arranged your vaccine yet, please text “COVID” plus YOUR INITIALS and DATE OF BIRTH to the vaccine hotline number 07587554149 and we will contact you with an appointment (this may be a call from a ‘private number’). If you are unable to text, please contact the surgery directly. If you are truly housebound and in these groups then let us know and we can arrange to see you at home. 


Vaccinations for the <50s 

In Westhoughton we have recently informed NHS England that we intend to vaccinate our younger patient population (18-49). We await further details as to when we can commence first doses for these patients. This will depend on national instructions and vaccine supplies. 

Should you wish to be vaccinated at your GP practice rather than a mass vaccination site then please be patient and await your invite.   

GP practices and alternative sites are both getting the same 2 vaccines so rest assured it doesn’t matter WHERE you get your vaccination. But be mindful that your second dose will need to be at the same site where possible. 

NHS England has given us guidance regarding as to which health conditions will entitle you to a vaccination at this time (cohort 6), if you are not yet eligible due to your age. You can access the NHS guidance using the following link… 


Essentially these people are the same cohort that would be offered an annual flu vaccination other than some differences for asthmatic patients. 

Information for asthmatics; In order to qualify for a covid vaccination in this group with ONLY a history of asthma then you need to have had an emergency admission to hospital with asthma or have had 3 lots of oral steroids (prednisolone) over a 3 month period. Taking a preventer and or reliever inhalers is not an indication for vaccination at this time (as it would be for flu vaccination).  

Where possible, please do not contact the surgery with vaccine queries as it stops poorly patients getting through on the phone. 

Please follow our social media for the most up to date information regarding our vaccination programme. 

Westhoughton PCN Facebook 

Westhoughton PCN Twitter 

Once again, a huge thank you to everyone involved in this, the biggest vaccination programme in NHS history. 


Prescription Ordering

The surgery are encouraging all patients were possible to sign up for our online services to enable you to order your repeat medications, you can email the request or post it through the letter box please see below for online services.


We are no longer accepting requests over the phone unless you are genuinely housebound

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